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M Falconer was founded upon the foundational success of its mother company M Global Holdings Limited. Since 2001, M Global Holdings have established a concrete foothold in the Hong Kong and International property markets, successfully setting up headquarters at the MG Tower landmark building standing over the historical and newly resurrected Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. Today M Global Holdings has offices that span over 10 countries specializing in finance, property, merger acquisitions, and private equity.


In 2016, Due to the vast demand of both the public and its existing customers, M Falconer was launched in 7 countries in order to offer 999.9 physical gold products. We are one of the very few financial service groups that offer gold bullion trading and physical gold bullion equipped with physical storage and armored delivery services. Together in a prestigious partnership with the China Banknote Printing & Minting Corporation (CBPM) which is led by the leadership of the People's Bank of China - M Falconers is proud to present its solid gold bars strategically and uniquely crafted according to China's national gold bar standard. Using high tech anti-counterfeit technology and certified serial code printing materials, each bar is registered and guaranteed genuine and of national authenticity.


M Falconer utilizes Brinks Amor Securities for local and/or international delivery and is also equipped with licensed proprietary gold trading systems ready to meet the professional traders' needs. By creating the M Falconer Plan, customers can also receive professionally packaged and/or tailor made portfolio management services, focused on wealth management and portfolio protection for their complete financial peace of mind.


As we look forward to the future, we see strength in the opportunities that lie within ETF's & Q.A. Wealth management and protection will become increasingly important and economies will continue to swing rampant amongst the trends. M Falconer will steadily expand its services to markets that show strong demand, and increase its coverage globally - committed to growing our business disciplines and providing the highest standard of products and services.

Through sustaining our core value “Growth through nurturing, wealth preservation through diversification”, we are proud to be a business today that customers can and will continue to rely on. 

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